Halting Cardiovascular Disease with Diet

Additional evidence from a newly published study that eating a very low-fat, 100% whole-food plant-based diet is beneficial for those with cardiovascular disease. And 89% of the patients in this study were adherent, meaning that it was not that difficult to follow. Most patients feel empowered that they can do something to vastly reduce the chances of further cardiac events, rather than feeling deprived for all the unhealthy foods they no longer eat.

A way to reverse CAD?

from The Journal of Family Practice, July, 2014, Vol. 63, No. 7

Bohemian Gravity

This is pretty cool (even if I don’t understand most of it). McGill University grad student Tim Blais did his master thesis on three-dimensional gravity, then adapted it in “Bohemian Gravity” – a one-man a capella cover of the Queen classic.